The Grapetrotters


Pierre & Rebecca Gouttenoire

You wanna hear our story?! Ok, sit back and pour yourself a glass of wine, not that you’ll need it or anything…but it sure fits well with the story.

Pierre’s from France, born and raised. His family ended up on a farm in the southwest where his parents tended to a countryside “gite” (b&b) in the beautiful area of Aveyron amidst sheep that give milk for one of France’s most iconic cheeses, Roquefort. Pierre studies led him to Montpellier where he became an engineer wine making and soon after was headhunted to run wineries from Languedoc to Bordeaux.

Rebecca’s from Denmark, with a detour to Canada, she moved to Italy in her early 20’ies. With a fascination for the Mediterranean lifestyle, she settled in Florence and soon became involved with food & wine; a love-affair that took her in the direction of owning a wine bar, a restaurant, starting a wine tour company and pursuing wine education. Rebecca is an Italian Wine Scholar instructor.

And now to how the two met.

On a warm day in July 2009, Rebecca was picking up her guests in Florence, ready for a day trip into the Chianti Classico wine region. One of the participants was Pierre who had recently started studying with the prestigious Master of Wine program in London. His mission was to open his mind and learn about the different wine regions outside of France.

And what can we say?!

3 wine tours and days later, the course of our lives would change, and merge. We got married and had two boys (born only 13 months apart!), and we developed the wine tour concept into tour operators Grape Tours and Grapetrotters that we run together today. We live in Italy some of the time, in France some of the time, and in Denmark during summer when temperatures soar in the south.

Wherever we are, wine always plays a central role in our lives. For the good and for the bad. Wine is what unites us when we get lost in translation or go through difficult moments. We love all good wines. But we especially love to discover small wineries, regions off the beaten track, and strange grape varieties. Join one of our educative and personalised wine tours! Day tours from Florence or Nice or discover specific regions with us on a multiple day tour

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