Episode 12: France’s Mourvedre hotspot is Bandol.

I need sunshine! It’s what the red grape variety named Mourvèdre would sing… And in Bandol in Provence its wish is satisfied. Bandol is one of the sunniest wine region in France. Facing the Mediterranean Sea and flanked on amphitheater-shaped terraces delimited by walls named “restanques”, Mourvèdre gives its best expression in terms of flavors,Continue reading “Episode 12: France’s Mourvedre hotspot is Bandol.”

Episode 11: Syrah in Saint Joseph, Rhone Valley

It seems like we’ve really found a wine that Pierre likes! See the video underneath about Syrah in Saint Joseph! Saint Joseph AOC is a cru in the northern part of Rhône. Syrah originates here, so no wonder this part of the Rhône is world famous for its excellent Syrah wines. The northern part ofContinue reading “Episode 11: Syrah in Saint Joseph, Rhone Valley”

Episode 9: Cassis, a Provençal white wine

Provence is rightfully renown for the best rosé wines in the world, but there is more to Provence. Just check out this beautiful wine found in the Cassis AOC! Had you ever heard of Cassis, the wine region? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t. The area covers merely 200 hectares, but viticulture here hasContinue reading “Episode 9: Cassis, a Provençal white wine”

Episode 7: Gamay in Saint-Amour

French winemaker, Pierre Gouttenoire, takes you to discover one of the grapes that he loves the most. I’m sure you have already heard about Beaujolais, and maybe your first thought is that it is crap! Maybe because of a hangover in November after the third Thursday of the month, the day of the world releaseContinue reading “Episode 7: Gamay in Saint-Amour”

Episode 5: Mondeuse Noire in Savoie

Wine from the Alps in Savoie, the local red mountain grape Mondeuse Noire explained by Pierre Gouttenoire, French winemaker. In the eastern part of France, high up in the mountains, the region of Savoie represents France’s bright mountain wines. There are several white grapes in this part of the Alps, but at the foothills ofContinue reading “Episode 5: Mondeuse Noire in Savoie”

Episode 4: Black wine from Cahors

French wine maker, Pierre Gouttenoire, made “black wine” in Cahors. Today you will learn about Malbec from Cahors where the grape comes from. Contrary to Bordeaux and Burgundy, Cahors is not a region that’s on everybody’s lips. Yet Malbec was born there, and certainly this grape is super well known thanks to the many plantingsContinue reading “Episode 4: Black wine from Cahors”

Episode 3: Two Grape Varieties in Pouilly-sur-Loire

Today you can virtually experience 2 whites from the Loire valley with Pierre Gouttenoire, French winemaker and wine lover. See how 2 different grapes work in the same terroir. In the Centre Loire valley surges amidst the vineyards a village called Pouilly-sur-Loire. In this area you’ll find two grapes giving origin to different AOCs. TheContinue reading “Episode 3: Two Grape Varieties in Pouilly-sur-Loire”

Episode 2: Tannat in Madiran in the Southwest

Today Pierre Gouttenoire, French winemaker and wine lover, takes you to the region of Madiran in the Southwest of France to discover the super-tannic Tannat grape variety. Tannat is a grape variety that you may have heard of before, especially from South America (Uruguay, Argentina). Today we discover its place of origin in Gascony, andContinue reading “Episode 2: Tannat in Madiran in the Southwest”

Episode 1: Sauvignon Blanc in Burgundy

Follow winemaker Pierre Gouttenoire on the discovery of the Sauvignon Blanc grape in an unusual place in France, Burgundy. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the noble French grapes that is usually associated with the Loire valley and Bordeaux where it often blends with Semillon. But did you know that you can actually find Sauvignon BlancContinue reading “Episode 1: Sauvignon Blanc in Burgundy”