Episode 6: Biotypes in Liguria

Vermentino and Pigato from Liguria compared by Rebecca Gouttenoire, Italian Wine Scholar.

The region of Liguria in northwestern Italy is a long strip of coastland shaped like a boomerang. Vermentino is the most widely-grown single grape variety. The second most grown grape variety in Liguria is Pigato. Studies of their DNA have shown Vermentino and Pigato are identical. Yet, they behave differently so most winemakers swear they are different varieties. When grape vines are genetically identical but look different, behave differently and give distinctively different wines, we call them biotypes.

6 episode, Gone with the Grape, Biotypes in Liguria

Winery featured: Foresti (www.forestiwine.it)

Maps by the WINE SCHOLAR GUILD (www.winescholarguild.com)

Join Pierre and Rebecca Gouttenoire on a wine tour: http://www.grape-tours.com / http://www.grapetrotters.com

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I call myself Rebecca Wine on social media mainly because my name is so long, and wine synthesizes who I am. Since the late 90'ies, my world has revolved around wine in every moment. From what I do for a living to who I ended up marrying. From the outside, I bet it seems a little boring to have just one obsession, but it's so strong that there's no room for anything else (except of course my babies).

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